Oh toasters, why are you made so cheap, so flimsy, so heat leaking. With your random toasting uneveness, your loud bells and toasty slowness. Why have you forsaken us???  We’ve burned through half a dozen $30 dollar toasters over the past few years, and every new one seems to get cheaper and crappier, toasting the kitchen better that the toast inside of it.  We had read about the Panasonic, and there were quite a few complaints, all relatively minor, it being too small and the chord comes out of the side instead of somewhere in the back. Is it too small, not for two pieces of bread. Does the chord stick out the side, yes, but that allows you to push it up against the wall, saving an inch or two of counter space. Here’s the plus. It makes the most evenly toasted toast we’ve ever seen. Perfect. Not only that it’s default settings are pretty magical in their timing. Waffle, perfect. It has an unusal techy look for a toaster oven, but given Panasonic’s history of funky designed radios in the 70’s and 80’s it comes as no surprise to us. Lastly it heats up instantaneously and it’s infrared elements do the job in half the time. Perfect toast every time. Love it. Get it here: