I was tired, tired of buying pillows that had no substance, didn’t last, were hot, turned yellow, you name it… tired. So like I’ve always done before buying anything, I researched the hell out of it.  I definitely needed a nap after boring my brain with endless pillow reviews. So what did I decide on? See above. The best damn pillow out there.

Being in the south, waking up on a sweaty pillow is common, the first thing I noticed is this pillow is temperature neutral. You just don’t notice it being hot or cool, temp ceases to be a thought.  Firmness, this pillow falls on the firm side, but it has a softness to it, your head sinks in just enough. They advise to remove some memory foam from the two zipped covers to lessen this effect. The bamboo cover is very soft and has a unique plushness all of it’s own I haven’t found any any other pillow. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified deluxe memory foam and is environmentally safe, no funky chemicals. The shred level is fine so it contours nicely. It’s made in the USA, completely machine washable (cold water to wash, low tumble to dry) and hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. My one complaint if you can call it that is that this pillow is heavy, so if you’re a pillow turner it takes a bit of effort and getting used to. If you’re a pillow fighter (Don’t try this at home kids) … the weight will make it tough to swing but boy this thing will pack a wollop if you get hit. So the Grand Items team recommends this as the best pillow out there. Get it here: